We want it to be the reference point of the collar tape and rib industry. We want to create quality, innovative and MADE IN TURKEY products that respect the environment and focus on reducing the waste of our production.
Efficiency is not enough. Consciousness for sustainability.

Textile has a great place among the sectors that pollute and affect the environment. We are aware of this and we do not want to leave a polluted world to future generations. This is why, as Sedat Triko, we work devotedly to the environment and sustainability.

We are involved in the ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) organization. In this context;

  • No product containing harmful chemicals is used in our process.
  • Our wastewater is tested periodically by an impartial laboratory and confirmed to be harmless.

We are moving forward on this roadmap that protects the green, this is our debt to the world.

We are included in BCI (Better Cotton Initiative). First of all, we strive to bring cotton agriculture and practices to good standards in our country and in the world, and we support the sustainability of cotton.

We attach importance to being an institution that ensures the efficient use of water, values ​​human rights, reduces the use of fertilizers (where there is no child labor, illegal labor, employee rights are protected, etc.), prefers sustainable agricultural practices, and supports farming in our country. Because we know the value of cotton, we support the use of raw materials made from recycled materials.

The awareness of the environmental impacts of the textile industry has led us to choose the right path in our opinion. In this direction, we are a member of BCI (The Better Cotton Initiative), and we also hold OCS (Organic Content Standard) and RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certificates.

As a company, we aim to minimize the damage to nature. In this context, considering the physical effects of our products on the user, we refer to the banned chemical lists of the legislation and our customers, and apply chemical control strategies for the chemicals we will use. In this way, we aim to minimize the damage to nature and water.

Thanks to our in-house laboratory, we perform tests in ISO standards and classify them in values ​​that our customers deem appropriate. We ensure the accuracy of our tests by neutral laboratories to check the accuracy of our tests.